Free Merchant – TONTO

Power: 10/8 free Mass: 15/0 free
New Cost: 750,000 Hit Points: 20 Crew: 1/6
Speed: 3 Armor: 2 AC: 6
Hardpoints: 2 Class: Frigate

Weaponry: None
Defenses: None
Fittings: Atmospheric configuration, Advanced nav computer, Boarding tubes, Extended stores, Fuel bunkers, Cargo space x9

The Free Merchant class ship Tonto is owned and captained by Larry Greer. A now retired merchant whose last voyage nearly got him killed. The Tonto was attacked while on a smuggling run by a group of cybernetic-enhanced pirates and only narrowly survived after the hired mercenaries on board managed to mount a counteroffensive after the ship had been taken. A few members of the crew were killed in the incident, and the event still haunts captain Greer to this day.

Shortly after the pirate attack the Tonto was brought down on the moon of Canas where captain Greer retired. Despite a long a lucrative career in the sky, the Canas has not see space since the event and to this day remains on the moon.


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