Orbital Distance: 0.91 AU Orbital Time: 305 Earth Days
Radius: 7,377 km Rotational Period: 53.6 Standard Hours Atm Pressure: 1.37 atm
Surface Temp: 45°C Surface Gravity: 0.88 g Mass: 1.169 Earth Masses
Satellites: 0 Population: 12 million Atm Type: Type I – Breathable

Maetsill is an arid terrestrial, slightly larger than Earth, but with a lower density that reflects its relative lack of heavier elements. The crust is composed of tin and aluminum, with wide deserts of dust-fine sand that are easily stirred by the wind.

Maetsill’s most striking feature is, of course, the Great Rift valley that stretches across the southern hemisphere. What is most fascinating about the Rift is that it does not appear to be natural. The geological record suggests it is the result of a “glancing blow” by a weapon of unimaginable destructive power. This occurred some thirty-seven million years ago.

The planet has very little natural resources and only trace amounts of water which are often extracted from the air using atmosphere scrubbers to extract the trace amounts from the air. This has prevented any type of wide colonization, however a sizable settlement exists within the Great Rift valley and a few smaller settlements around the planet. From oral history it is believed that the planet was at one point used as a prison colony, as the Great Rift Valley has a network of tunnels with ancient ruins giving clues to it’s history.

Recently the colony on Maetsill folded into the Allied Galactic Republic rule, although almost no resources have been spent on the small colony, as few come and go from the area. It is believed that the planet is also frequently used as a stopover for illegal trade into and out of Allied Galactic Republic space.

Societal information

Native Intelligent species: None

Immigrated species: Human

Primary language(s): English, Chinese

Government: Allied Galactic Republic

Population: Estimated at 12 million.

Major cities: Rift

Major imports: Water

Major exports: Gold

Affiliation(s): None


An Earth like planet that runs just a bit hotter. The planet is a typical “desert planet” with a hot, but tolerable climate and a liquid rotating core. The planet has volcanic activity, especially near the poles. However the majority of the planet is covered in sand and dunes with a few low mountain ranges.

The Great Rift valley is an unnatural “gouge” taken out of a large chunk of the planet that seems to have been caused by some unknowable weapon of immense power millions of years in the past. Within the gouge it appears a previous colony had at one time existed, making an extensive tunnel network into the walls of the immense canyon.


With daytime temperatures in the summer easily climbing over 150°F and evening temperatures plummeting to freezing it is a harsh and brutal world. Being as extreme as it is, little natural life exists on the planet, however the planet does sustain an environment similar to Earth’s Sahara desert.


Evidence points to a very distant prison colony of sorts to some ancient civilization. However more recent history includes a planet that was colonized by those wanting to “get away”. The settlements on the barren planet have been established in large part by those who wanted to not be found, including some pirate dens. However as the years have passed, the planet has developed into colony where people mind their own business and look the other way when something shouldn’t be seen is happening.

There is no confirmed records of who and when the small colonies were founded, however it is believed to have been colonized by at least some people for the last 450 years or more.


The largest settlement on the planet is named Rift, due to it’s location in the center of the Great Rift valley. Over 3/4 of the planet’s population lives in the city.


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