Free Merchant – ALASKA

Power: 10/8 free Mass: 15/0 free
New Cost: 775,000 Hit Points: 20 Crew: 1/6
Speed: 3 Armor: 2 AC: 6
Hardpoints: 2 Class: Frigate

Weaponry: None
Defenses: None
Fittings: Atmospheric configuration, Advanced nav computer, Boarding tubes, Extended stores, Fuel bunkers, Lifeboats, Cargo space x8

The Free Merchant class ship Alaska was a smuggling ship piloted by the criminal Blake Crasswell. The ship specialized in smuggling much needed goods from Republic controlled sectors to the harder to reach fringe sectors and those outside of Republic space. As such, the Alaska and all known crew were issued warrants by Allied Galactic Republic space.

While seen as a relatively low priority, the Alaska was eventually found by a Marshal while on a smuggling mission. Something about the apprehension of the ship went wrong and a firefight ensued, ending with the death of the Captain and most of the crew. A few of the crew members escaped on lifeboats, flung deep into space by the Alaska as it was seized. These suspects are still at large.

The Alaska was seized by the Marshals and is assumed to have been claimed by them and in-use today.


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