Orbital Distance: 0.71 AU Orbital Time: 192 Earth Days
Radius: 9,616 km Rotational Period: 47.0 Standard Hours Atm Pressure: 31.59 psi
Surface Temp: 492 °C Surface Gravity: 1.2 g Mass: 2.707 Earth Masses
Satellites: 0 Population: 1,200 Atm Type: Type IV – Deadly

Al-habesh is an enormous terrestrial planet, with a very dense atmosphere of carbon dioxide and sodium. The surface is scorching hot, and mainly composed of sodium oxides and deposits of nickel. There is evidence that Al-habesh was once covered with broad, shallow seas. However scientific exploration has not been conducted on the planet to search for signs of past life.

Being a planet of extreme temperature and pressure, one would think that it was completely uninhabited. This was the case until sometime in the last few decades when the Cante Syndicate established a facility under the surface. With daytime temperatures enough to melt lead, and immense storms which brought the temperatures with them in massive storms even in the evening, it was thought crazy and pointless to bother.

However the Cante Syndicate seemed to have their own reasons, establishing their base in a deep canyon upon it’s surface and extending deep underground. Space flights to and from the station can only occur at night, and even then only in the most favorable of weather conditions. The exact nature and function of this facility are still unknown.

Societal information

Native Intelligent species: None

Immigrated species: Human

Primary language(s): Spanish, English

Government: None

Population: Estimated at 1,200

Major cities: Canyon Base

Major imports: None

Major exports: None

Affiliation(s): Cante Syndicate


As a large “super-Earth” the planet Al-habesh seems very Earth-like on first glance. However it bears a much more striking resemblance to Venus. With a thick atmosphere and it’s immense heat, no native life can survive it’s surface. It has a molten core with a rocky mantle and silicate rock crust. It is noted for having various plate-tectonics which give it massive mountain ranges and valleys, and surface scans of what appear to be dried riverbeds and seabeds give credence to the theory that the planet was once cooler and more forgiving, believed to have water in the past.


On Al-habesh there is no comfortable climate. With daytime temperatures immensely hot and the greenhouse trapping atmosphere keeping the planet hot even at night, there is no good time of day. Habitation was thought impossible until recently, and even now is only done deep underground. Coupled with the heavy sodium atmosphere which breaks down and corrodes even the best protected equipment after only a brief period of time and you have a recipe for disaster.


Believed to once have had a shallow sea, rivers and other places of water, it is thought that sometime deep in it’s history that Al-habesh may have had water, and even possibly life. However those days are long in it’s past, if they ever existed at all.

The planet was largely ignored as many more favorable options existed within the Koru system. Coupled with it’s lack of natural in-demand resources, it seemed an afterthought. However sometime in the last 10 years the Cante Syndicate established a base upon the planet itself. With no competition and little surveillance in the area, it wasn’t even noticed until the last 2 years. While there is speculation as to the Cante Syndicate’s plans for the planet, little information is known.


The Cante Syndicate is the only known group to have a presence on or around the planet. The true size of the installation are unknown, due to it’s underground nature.


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