Orbital Distance: 0.30 AU Orbital Time: 112 Earth Days
Radius: 7,074 km Rotational Period: 46.5 Standard Hours Atm Pressure: 18.33 psi
Surface Temp: 319 °C Surface Gravity: 1.1 g Mass: 1.343 Earth Masses
Satellites: 0 Population: 0 Atm Type: Type IV – Deadly

Unu is a “hothouse” terrestrial world with a dense atmosphere of nitrogen and sulphur dioxide. The surface is scorching hot, and mainly composed of iron with deposits of gold.

The core of Unu is very hot and tectonically active. Volcanic eruptions are common, and the outgassing continues to add to the density of the atmosphere. The largest active volcano has a caldera nearly 100 kilometers in diameter, and its basalt floods have covered an area roughly equivalent to the size of the Earth continent of Australia.

Given it’s lack of usable resources and it’s incredibly inhospitable environment the planet has been largely ignored by any colonization attempts.

Societal information

Native Intelligent species: None

Immigrated species: None

Primary language(s): N/A

Government: None

Population: 0

Major cities: N/A

Major imports: None

Major exports: None

Affiliation(s): N/A


Geologically active, the planet is extremely volatile with constant volcanic activity reshaping the planet over and over again.


Inhospitable to any type of life the climate is immensely hot with constant ash rains.


Only given a cursory glance, the planet has no significant history of note.




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