Koru Star System

Stellar Class: G – Main Sequence Stellar Mass: 0.98 Sol Masses
Planets: 6 Moons: 54 Asteroid Belts: 1

Stellar Map Routes
Purgatory star in the Hades sector: 39 Day Jump.
Admete star in the Rosetta Kine sector: 11 Day Jump.
Deela star in the Eagle Nebula sector: 42 Day Jump.

Koru is a pale yellow star very similar to Sol that hosts a rather large planetary system. The soft orange light that it emits could easily be mistaken for Sol’s own in most circumstances.

Being a bit of a gateway system from the mapped Allied Galactic Republic space and the uncharted expanses beyond, the system has a lot of traffic. With multiple governing bodies, criminal enterprises and even mega-corporations using the system to engage in practices that would be illegal in Republic space, the system finds itself crowded and always rife with adventure.

Locations around Koru

Body Position Government Est. Population
Al-habesh 1st Planet Cante Syndicate Surface: 1,200
Groa 2nd Planet Atef Clan Surface: 450,000, Orbiting: 12,000
Uttara 3rd Planet Compass Syndicate Orbiting: 1.2 million
Canas Uttara Moon No Central Government Surface: 3 billion, Orbiting: 500,000
Mynes Uttara Moon Nestle Co Surface: 1.2 Million, Orbiting: 20,000
Other Uttara Moons Uttara Moons Multiple Surfaces: 250 million, Orbiting: 10 million
Tovar 4th Planet Cante Syndicate Orbiting: 2 million
Asteroid Belt Between Tovar and Deicoon Multiple Mixed: 2 million
Deicoon 5th Planet Sinodome Seat Surface: 8 billion
Leitos 6th Planet Compass Syndicate Orbital: 25,000
Nagore Leitos Moon Wayfarer Company Surface: 12,000
Leitos Moons Leitos Moons Multiple Surfaces: 50,000, Orbiting: 15,000


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