Deela Star System

Stellar Class: K – Main Sequence Stellar Mass: 0.796 Sol Masses
Planets: 4 Moons: 19 Asteroid Belts: 1

Stellar Map Routes
Admete star in the Rosetta Kine sector: 41 Day Jump.
Koru star in the Rosetta Kine sector: 42 Day Jump.
Saint Nicholas star in the Kepler Verge sector: 31 Day Jump.

Deela is a large star for a K class star and emits a soft orange glow while hosting a medium sized solar system. A cooler system than Sol, it still hosts a number of colonies around it.

The system is best known as a fringe system that has only recently joined the Allied Galactic Republic. At least mostly. Most colonies in the system have struggled among pirates from other systems and joined the Republic with the belief of having increased security and safety. This has not yet manifested to a large degree though, and is patrolled by a rather small Republic force as the system slowly comes more in line with government regulation. Having only come into the fold of Republic government over the last decade or two, depending on the planet, it is still viewed as the “frontier”

Locations around Deela

Body Position Government Est. Population
Unu 1st Planet Allied Galactic Republic None
Maetsill 2nd Planet Allied Galactic Republic Surface: 12 million
Asteroid Belt Between Maetsill and Dartsa Naana Allied Galactic Republic Mixed: 12,000
Dartsa Naana 3rd Planet Allied Galactic Republic Surface: 6.5 million, Orbiting: 500 million
Taamash 4th Planet Allied Galactic Republic Orbiting: 250,000
Peerska Taamash Moon Allied Galactic Republic Surface: 7 billion
Falkhan Taamash Moon Lockheed Martin Raytheon Corp Surface: 40,000, Orbiting: 20,000


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