Welcome to the Future!

The year is 3272. Humanity has spread far and wide among the stars. Relics of earlier failed or abandoned colonies and signs of former days litter the sky while men and women find new hope in a fledgling Republic coming off an age of oppression and fascism. A time when some men and women fight in an attempt to rebuild the glory of humanity’s lost golden age.

For over a thousand years humanity had expanded from it’s ancient homeland to fill the sky with its worlds. Expansion began early in the 21st century, built of the ideas of Alcubierreā€™s Warp Drive, powered by antimatter and creating bubbles in space-time to allow immensely fast travel to different points in space that granted humans the ability to skip between stars. Countless nations, faiths, and ideologies sent colonists into to the darkness above to find new homes as Earth spiraled into oblivion.

These early Warp Drives touched on different worlds. They allowed travel by pinching the space before them and expanding space behind them, allowing the drives to emerge at distant stars. In the beginning of colonization among the stars a loose government was formed on one of the first habitable planets, remarkably similar to Earth. This planet was named “Earth 2” and was also home to a race of small apelike creature later called Eidolons. These smart, obedient creatures were quickly bred and distributed across the galaxy as immensely useful tools and laborers. Most importantly however, the Warp Drives needed to travel among the stars were prone to failure as the chamber that housed the dark matter needed for the warp process could easily become unstable with the particle collision system occasionally giving imprecise atomic smashing results. The Eidolons fixed this issue, as they seemed to give off a field of energy that stabilized the electron-positron annihilation process. The planet was also home to a small froglike creature called the “Fruling Frogs”, that seemed to change color based on radioactivity and are also widely kept in Warp Engine rooms on ships for early detection of the smallest of imperfections in the drives, as these frogs tend to absorb the radiation keeping crew on board safe.

With Warp Drives becoming safer and more widespread in use beyond the standard colony ships that had spread from Earth, humanity began a massive expansion into the stars. Many ships simply disappeared into the black, never to be heard from again. While others maintained some form of communication with the central Earth 2 government. Humans were finding homes all throughout the galaxy though, under many fringe governments or simple anarchy. Many of these settlements begin experimenting with advanced AI, cybernetics and other augmentations that were previously outlawed on Earth due to human rights violations and ethical issues. Amid the growing lawlessness and illegal activities, the government of Earth 2 enacted many at the time harsh laws, such as requiring all ships to have a specific type of transponder giving information about the ship broadcast to all nearby, once more outlawing augmentation and specific rules for dealing with alien races. They then created a group known as the Marshals, who were given a strict code and spread out into the stars to become judge, jury and executioner when needed. These Marshals were intended to bring law back to the stars.

Many theorize that the use of the Warp Drives also touched in turn those who traveled through space in such ways. Over the generations since leaving Earth some humans have been believed to have varying degrees of extrasensory perception. Later, these people were known as being “Psions” or “Psychics”. While speculation abounds that the use of Warp Drives created the phenomenon of extrasensory perception, all who have studied it have found no correlation, instead believing it to be a mutation spreading through humanity.

Most Psions inevitably died or went mad when the manifestations of their powers began. The surge of energies and manipulation of reality scrambling their brains or burning holes through their sanity. It was only after the formation of the Andromeda Cluster in year 2455 that Psions and their abilities were researched and studied at the expenditure of countless lives that techniques were developed for harnessing this power safely.

The channeling of psionic energy began the first complete rule of human controlled space. Prior to this time, a Earth 2 government had been established that attempted to keep control and consolidate power among all colonies and systems with rather miserable results. The formation of the Andromeda Cluster, a quickly rising governing body that embraced psychics and developed, trained and used the awesome power of the Psions to establish total control over the galaxy and it’s inhabitants.

This time period also brought a new great expansion of humankind. Even though less than one in one forty thousand humans were touched with psionic abilities, and even less of those found early enough to be developed and recruited by the Andromeda Cluster, it was still enough to reshape human civilization. Mass groups of Psions were employed to develop new technologies, advance manufacturing capabilities, create relay stations for near instant communication between interstellar distances.

All of these advancements came at a cost. The Andromeda Cluster held near absolute control through human colonized space and beyond. This control took it’s toll, as the fascist regime in place controlled every aspect of life among the colonies. Using the Psions as their main instrument of power the Andromeda Cluster held onto this power unchecked, crushing freedom and the frontier expansion in favor of a more organized, controlled and powerful planned economy and consolidation of power.

This time also put a vast strain on the relationships between the alien races that had been encountered through the galaxy. As the few other intelligent star faring races that had been interacted with prior to this time were not greeted with governments, but fringe explorers and colonists in space. The Andromeda Cluster instead took a hard approach with these other beings, generally treating any intelligent beings human or otherwise as something that should bend to their will. That is until the year 3185 when the High Chairman Alexios Gardei of the Andromeda Cluster along with a great number of other Psions were reportedly touched by some alien mind out in space which drove them mad.

It is unknown what it was that touched their mind. It resulted in Alexios Gardei shifting a dramatic amount of resources into the research of this unknown mind. The finances and resources of the galaxy being bent to this end created a near overnight collapse of colonies large and small with critical resources being withheld to pursue this foolish cause. On Earth 2, a rebel leader named Minuet Mylo made the discovery that super refined Thorium, along with naturally occurring Thorium in large enough quantities rendered the abilities of Psychics temporarily diminished or extinguished.

From the year 3187 until 3198 Minuet Mylo led a rebellion that spanned across the galaxy against the Andromeda Cluster and it’s power, shielded in large part with their discoveries of refined Thorium. After immense casualties and a galaxy wide economic implosion the rebellion was considered a success. In 3198 the Andromeda Cluster brought all of their remaining military strength and valuable personnel back to the Andros Expanse (sector). While no formal surrender was made, the rest of the galaxy was free of the Andromeda Cluster rule.

With the rebellion over and no central government left to maintain order, the leaders of the rebellion began plans of forming a republic. Allowing local systems to elect and manage their own governments, with elected officials participating in the Senate of the Allied Galactic Republic. Over the years it took to implement this government the galaxy was left mostly lawless, allowing for piracy and chaos to reign. Among these groups were large numbers of augmented humans whom had fled to deep space during the reign of the Andromeda Cluster to avoid persecution, as augments were seen as a challenge to the Psion domination. These people could barely be called human though, as they seemed more monster than men.

As the Allied Galactic Republic formed, many colonies were eager to have government and protection, while others were wary of being ruled over again. A high profile leader in the Republic named Aquila Le’mar led a campaign using left over Thorium psionic dampening equipment to march a purge of Psions across the galaxy, especially in worlds whom seemed on the fence regarding joining the Republic. Given the fear of Psions after the Andromeda Cluster, this was widely praised and along with laws regarding self government within systems, with only a Galactic Law overhead, led to most worlds joining the Republic from years 3212 – 3235.

The last thirty seven years humanity has slowly, painfully begun to heal the wounds of it’s past. The young Allied Galactic Republic seems to be generating more and more stability throughout the galaxy and becoming more widely accepted. Trade routes have revived with time, and while lawlessness and instability still rocks large portions of the galaxy, the Republic has instituted a large military force they named the Guardians, a military formed by volunteers among the Republic colonies to bring stability to human space. It seems humanity is recovering and on the agonizingly slow path to prosperity once more.

Not all worlds have found a place among the Republic just yet though. Outside of Republic space sits the Andros Expanse, home now to a massive amount of people who seem to have a cult-like pursuit of the intelligence that touched them years ago. Some worlds on the fringe of space prefer to stay independent of central rule too, adopting their own laws and spurning the Republic. While other systems are hose to small stellar nations and miniature empires controlled by the benevolent and tyrannical alike. Piracy, illegal augmentation, a mass collection of pirates calling themselves the “Brotherhood of Lawlessness” and the mysterious alien races that share space with humanity are all out in the inky darkness of space.

To most, space is only a collection of twinkling lights in the sky. In reality it is a place of adventure, mystery and danger. Petty thieves, tyrants and unknowable alien races have since moved into former settlements, and ruins of all ages await someone to discover their secrets. Few dare to explore, but for the few brave souls who find themselves pursuing a life in the sky, stars without number await you!

Toward the Galactic Nucleus

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