Sentry Iloz

Sentry Iloz was a nearly uncolonized sector, as most probes throughout the sector did not yield much interest. What small colonies existed were in the form of fringe colonists or hydrogen 3 skimming platforms around gas giants. Things changed in the early 2700’s as the Andromeda Cluster began making a concerted effort to use the area to conduct experiments, advanced A.I. design and robotics, along with experimentation in human augmentation.

With no other reasons to visit the sector, the area was strictly confidential and not known about by the majority of galactic space. With the fall of the Andromeda Cluster, most of the experimental platforms in the sector were abandoned. As the Republic grew, these areas were dismantled, destroyed or repurposed. These days the sector is heavily monitored by Republic space as it acts as a central prison sector, although some monitored refueling stations also exist in the area.



Body Position Government Est. Population
Agony 1st Planet Allied Galactic Republic Orbiting: 100,000
Mercy Agony Moon Allied Galactic Republic Surface: 750 million, Orbiting: 8 million

Sentry Iloz

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