Rosetta Kine

The Rosetta Kine system is completely ungoverned by Republic space. Unattached from governed space the individual settlements within the Rosetta Kine system are governed among different bodies, each which have carved out their own little piece of space. These bodies tend to loosely work together in matters of refusal to be bound to a larger government. Most of these colonies are controlled by powerful individuals who operate within their own belief systems.

Many of the smuggling groups, mercenary factions and other black market goods that enter into Republic space come from the Rosetta Kine system. Due to this, Republic space keeps a strong lookout for ships coming and going from this sector. Marshals occasionally attempt to force their view of law in the area as well, although they usually find themselves outgunned and over matched, so these incursions are generally brief.

Throughout history this sector has developed and changed hands between ruthless dictators and for-profit powerhouses that want to conduct their work outside of government surveillance. Even over the old Earth 2 governments and during the time of the Andromeda Cluster rule no government has been able to take and hold these sectors.



Body Position Government Est. Population
Al-habesh 1st Planet Cante Syndicate Surface: 1,200
Groa 2nd Planet Atef Clan Surface: 450,000, Orbiting: 12,000
Uttara 3rd Planet Compass Syndicate Orbiting: 1.2 million
Canas Uttara Moon No Central Government Surface: 3 billion, Orbiting: 500,000
Mynes Uttara Moon Nestle Co Surface: 1.2 Million, Orbiting: 20,000
Other Uttara Moons Uttara Moons Multiple Surfaces: 250 million, Orbiting: 10 million
Tovar 4th Planet Cante Syndicate Orbiting: 2 million
Asteroid Belt Between Tovar and Deicoon Multiple Mixed: 2 million
Deicoon 5th Planet Sinodome Seat Surface: 8 billion
Leitos 6th Planet Compass Syndicate Orbital: 25,000
Nagore Leitos Moon Wayfarer Company Surface: 12,000
Leitos Moons Leitos Moons Multiple *Surfaces: 50,000, Orbiting: 15,000


Body Position Government Est. Population
Pero 1st Planet None None
Savita 2nd Planet Multiple Surface: 10 billion, Orbiting: 250,000
Vodou 3rd Planet Kyriakou Association Surface: 10 million, Orbiting: 50,000
Bera 4th Planet Infinity Broker Orbiting: 5,000
Bera Moons Bera Moons Infinity Broker Surfaces: 50,000, Orbiting: 150,000

Rosetta Kine

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