House Rules

General Rule Modifications
  • Initiative: In the event of an initiative tie, the highest modifier goes first. If the modifiers are the same, those who have tied roll another 1d8, the highest roll acting first.
  • Critical Hits/Fumbles: I will be using a critical hit/fumble chart. All critical hits/fumbles must be confirmed. Critical Fumbles for PCs will only be instituted if the PCs roll a 1 on their confirmation, however NPCs need only miss on their confirmation roll.
Regarding Fluff
  • A lot of Stars Without Numbers information discusses the Scream, Pretech, Postech and Psitech gear, along with a number of different smaller issues related to travel and other minutia. For the most part, you can ignore the fluff in the game book, and instead use it as a guideline. Many of those events have analogues in our modified game, and if you look through the welcome page information or the timeline you will be able to easily spot these analogues. Always try to refer back to this wiki for story elements.
Tech Levels
  • The base Stars Without Number game revolves around a post-galaxy apocalypse in the game and distinguishes the technology between Pretech, Postech and Psitech distinctions. This is intertwined with the skills and items you will be using. There is a simple solution to this though, as the book also details tech-levels in detail.

Psitech is as-stated in the book, as it is tech specific to Psions.

Postech shall refer to the rules/skills etc tech levels 4 and below (excluding Primitive items that require specific skills). This is galactic modern technology.

Pretech will be technologies of tech level 5+. These are the newest and most rare technologies, along with exotic advanced alien tech.

New Cyberware

Analysts Optical Implant: Cost: $20,000 – Tech Level 4 An implant that replaces the surrounding sclera (white part) of the eye, connecting an array of small sensors, cameras and information gathering equipment in it’s place. This combination of equipment feeds into the optic nerve and gives a display of information to the user, allowing them to see slight details in the infrared spectrum and gather subtle clues and information when observing the users surroundings. When the system is engaged it will give the user +1 on initiative rolls, +1 on perception rolls and the effects of “low light goggles” equipment. The activation cost is 1 system strain per 20 minutes of use. The user takes a -3 penalty on all social skill checks while the unit is active to those whom might find it off putting, and it requires four rounds to either activate or deactivate it.

House Rules

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