Eagle Nebula

The Eagle Nebula is a largely ungoverned sector situated at the border of Republic space. As such there is intense competition between Republic government and unmanaged sectors beyond to colonize, develop and exploit the worlds within. Given the unorganized nature of the fringe groups, this competition has never escalated to outright war, but there have been a number of minor conflicts throughout.

It is seen as a somewhat lawless area, with pirates and slavers both being known to operate freely, and a large number of “private security organizations” as well as smugglers and freelancers that operate in the area. The area is known to be patrolled by Republic military. However they do not have enough ships or resources to adequately police this newly acquired area, so in many instances by the time they arrive at a place of trouble, it is already too late.

Many of the places in the Eagle Nebula are seen as a great area to exploit by gangsters, warlords, megacorperations and even the Allied Galactic Republic. While the sector has technically agreed to Republic rule in 3269, the system is still adjusting to the coming changes.



Body Position Government Est. Population
Unu 1st Planet Allied Galactic Republic None
Maetsill 2nd Planet Allied Galactic Republic Surface: 12 million
Asteroid Belt Between Maetsill and Dartsa Naana Allied Galactic Republic Mixed: 12,000
Dartsa Naana 3rd Planet Allied Galactic Republic Surface: 6.5 million, Orbiting: 500 million
Taamash 4th Planet Allied Galactic Republic Orbiting: 250,000
Peerska Taamash Moon Allied Galactic Republic Surface: 7 billion
Falkhan Taamash Moon Lockheed Martin Raytheon Corp Surface: 40,000, Orbiting: 20,000

Eagle Nebula

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