Toward the Galactic Nucleus

What Came Before
A timeline of events leading up to the campaign.
  • The Programmers hire a young Khan warrior whom had left it’s tribe to study the way of the sword to track down Rayther. The Khan Aslan had misgivings about his employers. Eventually Rayther transmitted some of his memories to Aslan, convincing him that The Programmers were evil. Aslan released Rayther and sabotaged The Programmers’ search.
  • Felix Cave was on the hull of the merchant ship Tonto in space-flight doing repairs when it was attacked by pirates. It was a miracle that he made it out alive. Aslan, a guard on the Tonto, hides in a meat locker with a small group and leads a counter-attack to kill the pirates, retake the ship and save the crew. There was an awesome zero-g sword fight. The pirates were loaded with illegal cybernetic augmentations. Upon the pirate vessel Aslan discovered a child whom called himself Legion, seemingly the only captive on board. Believing the boy to be kidnapped, the Aslan convinces the Tonto’s Captain to take him to the closest port on the moon Canas to offload him.
  • Blake Crasswell, the leader of Tele Khora and the crew of his ship, the Alaska had been down on their luck and were in bad shape after a string of jobs gone wrong. Crass was introduced through a mutual contact to the merchant Larry Greer on the moon Canas, whom had narrowly escaped a violent pirate attack. With the crew rattled and the ship in for repairs, Larry met with Crass and his pilot, a young rogue named Beck, to negotiate terms to finish the run of high value merchandise. Larry stressed that the brave mercenaries whom he had hired to defend his merchandise were to finish the job and had them report to the Alaska. Of these, Aslan was among them and finished the journey on the Alaska to deliver the cargo.
  • After the completion of the cargo delivery the Alaska set off to return in order to settle up with Larry Greer. Just before arriving to the space port the ship was hailed and boarded by a Marshal and his crew unexpectedly. Eventually this erupted into a firefight and the Marshal’s crew set out to kill the crew of the Alaska. Crass put as many of his people as he could on escape vessels and launched them, the last one with Beck and Aslan to guard him on it. These were launched just as Crass was killed, shot in the back by the Marshal Captain whom boarded the Alaska.
  • Wandering the streets on Canas alone for months, Legion is taken in by an orphanage. Masters of the house become extremely concerned because he never seems to eat. Felix having just escaped with his life decided to find less dangerous work. In a local space port he then befriends a young man named Rayther who seemed lost and looking for help. Both now being somewhat displaced they decide to stick together and find work.
  • After escaping the attack, Beck convinces Aslan it best to make contact with Tele Khora. Using the small transport escape vessel that they had managed to escape to Uttara in, they began taking small local smuggling jobs to make some money. Afraid to send communications, in case the rogue Marshal is still looking for them, they take on small jobs in the area and it’s many moons and stations. There Beck hires Rayther and Felix to help him with labor doing his small time smuggling while searching out a contact for Tele Khora. Eventually Beck decides to risk sending a message and arranges a meeting with a member of Tele Khora. During the meeting on the moon Canas, the deal was interrupted by a Marshal. During the interrogation process Felix convinces the Marshal that Beck is his brother, a small time crook, and helps avoid any suspicion of ties to the Alaska or Beck’s past. During this process however, Rayther has a bit of a psychotic break and ends up shooting the Marshal in the head while he was interrogating others. This turned into a complete bigger battle and resulted in the destruction of the light transport vessel in the fight.
  • After a few months of trying to find transport away while remaining hidden, Beck decides he might have better luck finding a piloting job at one of the larger orbital stations and makes his way there trying to stay unnoticed, eventually meeting up with Vlad and taking the piloting job for him.
  • As more attention is drawn to Legion, he decides to sneak out one night. After some months on the streets Legion is discovered at a star port on Canas by Rayther. As he gets closer to this child, he realizes that he is unable to touch the boy’s thoughts. Intrigued, Rayther engages Legion, and they spend much time together.
  • After a few months of working for Vlad doing small time smuggling, Beck finds himself back on Canas. Vlad seemed very stressed, having Beck help him put together a crew for a large paying job smuggling cattle in hypersleep into a Republic sector. Very secretive about the situation, he leans on Beck to help him hire the crew, while only explaining that the destination was in the Eagle Nebula. On world, Beck is surprised to find his previous crew members of Rayther and Felix and convinces Vlad to bring them on as deck hands to help monitor the cattle. While looking for mercenaries for protection, Vlad is going over his options and consults Beck. During this process, Aslan’s name comes up, and he is looking for work. On Beck’s recommendation Vlad hires him along with Mikah and Titus Lo. Before leaving port, Rayther and Legion decide to sneak Legion on board as well among the cattle load without telling the others. Felix finds him shortly after, bringing him blankets and food with the help of Rayther, which goes uneaten. After Beck discovers Legion, he eventually explains the situation to Vlad and keeps him from venting the boy.

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